UE 10 Pressure Switch

UE 10 Pressure Switch
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UE 10 Pressure Switch

Specifications :

Storage temperature :-40 to 180°F (-40 to 82°C)

Vibration  :Set point repeats after 10 G, 5-500 CPS

Enclosure classification : Types C, D, E, F & G: Designed to meet enclosure type 4 requirements Types A & B: Not applicable

Set point repeatability : Models 10-12: ± 1% of full scale range; Models 13-16: ± 1.5% of full scale range

Enclosure  : Aluminum

Weight  :Type A: 5 oz.; Type B: 6 oz.; Type C: 6.5 oz.; Type D: 6 oz.; Type E: 12 oz.; Type F: 6.5 oz.;Type G: 12 oz.

Electrical connection :7 electrical terminations; Refer to “How to Order”

Pressure connection :Models 10-12: 1/8" NPT (male); Models 13-16: 1/4" NPT (male); optional SAE threadsand other connections (see options list)

Mounting :Via pressure connection. Surface mounting bracket kit available for field installation.(see Options list

flameproof type :

The explosion-proof pressure switch can provide different pressure, differential pressure, vacuum and temperature range etc.The common use scope includes power, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, boiler, food machinery, environmental protection equipment and other industries.

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