UE Pressure Switch H100-183 H-184 H100-185

UE Pressure Switch H100-183 H-184 H100-185
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                                   UE pressure switch H100-183 H-184 H100-185

Feature :

Pressure switch main categories include normally open and normally closed.

The main features are:
1, BSP quick connectors or copper welding installation structure, flexible installation, easy to use, no special mounting.
2, Blade square wire connection for the user to arbitrarily selected.
3, sealed stainless steel sensor safe and reliable.
4, can be manufactured according to the value of any user selected pressure within the pressure range.
Pressure switches are electrical switches and combining means when the fluid reaches the preset pressure switch contact action.

 Mainly used in power plants, petrochemical, metallurgical industry and other industrial equipment alarm or control output signal, 

in the industrial sector has an important purpose, to prevent damage to an important means of production engineering, production

 and avoid a major accident occurs.

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