117 Series UE Pressure Switch

117 Series UE Pressure Switch
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117 Series UE Pressure Switch


Approved for Division 2, Zone 2 hazardous and corrosive atmospheres, and with optional Zone 0 intrinsic safety compliance, the 117 Series UE Pressure Switch can be used to measure vacuum, pressure, differential pressure, or temperature in a variety of applications. The rugged, one piece enclosure features a slanted cover for wiring accessibility to the enclosed terminal block that is wired to either a SPDT or DPDT hermetically sealed microswitch. All welded,stainless steel pressure connections and sensors provide superior corrosion resistance – NACE compliant – and fire-safe protection within the harshest environments. The 117 Series is an ideal choice for the most demanding applications; typically steel and aluminum mills, chemical and petrochemical plants, pulp and paper mills, wastewater treatment plants, midstream and downstream oil & gas,and pharmaceutical plants.

Specifications :

Storage temperature

-65° to 160°F (-54 to 71°C)

ambienttemperature limits

-40° to 160°F (-40° to 71°C); except models 520-525, 540-548, 700-706: 0 to 160°F (-18 to 71°C); set point typically shifts less than 1% of range for a 50°F (28°C) ambient temperature change

Set point repeatability Temperature models:

± 1% of adjustable range
Pressure models 171-174, 218, 358-376, 520-535, 540-543 and 700-706: ± 1% of adjustable range; models 183-194, 544-548, 483-494, 565-567: ± 1.5% of adjustable Internal set point lock on all pressure models


Set point repeats after 15 G, 10 millisecond duration


Set point repeats after 2.5 G, 5-500 Hz


Die cast aluminum, epoxy powder coated, gasketed; captive cover screws; anodized aluminum nameplate

Enclosure classification

Enclosure Type 4X

Switch output

One SPDT hermetically sealed snap action switch; switch may be wired “normally open” or “normally closed”; DPDT (option 1190/1195)

Electrical rating

11 A 125/250 VAC resistive; 5 A @ 28 VDC; 1 A @ 48 VDC; 1/2 A @ 125 VDC; switch contacts gold flashed


1.5-6.5 lbs. Varies with model

Electrical connection

1/2” NPT (female); two 7/8” diameter knockouts

Pressure connection

Models 218, 358-376, 700-706: 1/4” NPT (female); models 171-194, 483-494, 520-535:
1/2” NPT (female); models 565-567: 1.5” flush mount connection (mates with Tri-Clamp® fitting systems), models 540-548: 1/8” NPT (female)

Temperature  assembly

Bulb and capillary: 6 feet; 304 stainless steel Immersion stem: nickel-plated brass (standard); optional 316L stainless steel


Non-toxic oil filled

Temperature deadband

Typically 4% of range under laboratory conditions (70°F ambient circulating bath at rate of 1/2°F per minute change)

Reference Scale

Pressure: “High-Low” reference scale

Temperature: reference dial

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