UE Explsion -proof Pressure Switch J120-190 ,J120-191 , J120-192 ,J120-193.J120-194

UE Explsion -proof Pressure Switch J120-190 ,J120-191 , J120-192 ,J120-193.J120-194
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UE Explsion -proof Pressure switch J120-190 ,J120-191 ,J120-192 ,J120-193.J120-194

features :

•  Standard product approvals include cULus, ATEX & IECEx
•  Optional approvals for Russia, Ukraine, China, India and Korea
•  Many models compliant to NACE MR-0175
•  Internal adjustment hex or external adjustment via calibrated dial(s) with tamper-resistant cover
•  Integral cover lock
•  SPDT, DPDT or dual SPDT output
•  Wide variety of sensor materials
•  Optional Hastelloy® and Monel® sensor material for corrosive media
•  Wide adjustable deadband models
•  Flush mount sensors
•  Heat tracing temperature models
•  Most models available for immediate delivery!

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Basic information :

The working principle of the explosion-proof pressure switch is the action of the micro-dynamic switch caused 

by pure mechanical deformation.When the pressure increases, the effect on different sensing pressure components (diaphragm, corrugated pipe, the piston) produce deformation, will move up, by rail the spring, etc. The mechanical

structure, eventually start at the top of the micro switch, the electrical signal output, set way from the function principle 

and divided into continuous displacement and force balance.

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