UE Temperature Switch J120 Series F120

UE Temperature Switch J120 Series F120
Product Details

UE Temperature Switch J120 Series F120

The UE Temperature Switch J120 Series F120 is a mechanical switch installed in the danger zone. The UE temperature switch meets the European ATEX standard and the Chinese CQST (GB3836) standard. The two-way electrical interface is convenient for wiring installation. It can choose one single pole double throw (SPDT) or two SPDT outputs. The UE temperature switch has a terminal block and the cover has a locking function.

Technical specification:

Set point repeatability :Type B, C and F: ±1% of full scale range Type E:±2% of full scale range

Shock Set point repeats after 15 G, 10 millisecond duration  Vibration

Set point repeats after 2.5 G, 5-500 Hz

Die cast aluminum, epoxy powder coated; gasketed; cover lock; internal set point lock 

standard on types J, C, F; gasketed stainless steel tamper-resistant dial cover on types B,H, E; aluminum nameplate

Switch output: One or two SPDT; dual switch may be separated up to 100% of range; 

except type 822E where switch #2 can be set up to 25% of range span below switch #1 setpoint;

switches may be wired “normally open” or “normally closed”. Two SPDT hermetic sealed

reference ScaleS  Types B, E & H:external dial.Scale divisions vary with range (see model charts)

weight 3-8 lbs. Varies with type and model

electrical connection  Type H, B, E; one 3/4" NPT E/C; type J, C, F, 820E, 822E; two 3/4" NPT E/C;

terminal block standard

Pressure connection Models S126B-S164B, 171-194, 483-494,520-535:1/2" NPT (female); models 560-564:2"

flush mount connection;models 565-567:1-1 ⁄ 2" flush mount connection; models 540-548:

1/8" NPT (female); all others:1/4" NPT (female)

temperature aSSembly Bulb and capillary:6 feet 304 stainless steel (standard) except for E121-13273 and

E122-13321:10 feet; Immersion stem:nickel-plated brass (standard) except for B121-

13272 and B122-13322:stainless steel.Fill:Model 1BS:solvent filled; models 2BS-8BS:non-toxic oil filled

temperature deadband  Type F120, 820E, 822E:typically 1%; type B-, C-, and E- 121 and 122:typically 

2% of range under laboratory conditions (70°F [21°C] ambient circulating bath at rate of 1/2°F per minute change)

preSSure deadband See Individual model charts on pages 5-14

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