XINYUAN was launched in February 2003 China. We are proud to be part of government license to supply product &services to Oil and Gas Industry. XINYUAN is now serving to more than 30 countries, covering 100 destinations with our network of 260 own offices. We have a growing excellent reputation as a leading supplier for Control & automation equipment .calibration ,pressure instrument ,temperature instrument ,flowmeter systems and electrical instrumentation.

Mission of Statement

To excel as an industrial automation and control systems supplier providing quality services to our customers.

Why Choose Us? 

 We have more than 10 years experience in solving your process problems

 We provide a fast response and exceed our customer expectations and provide great satisfaction

  We are price competitive

 We offer a very wide range of products

●  We offer a free consultation for new customers

  We willingly share out technical knowledge to help you better leverage your business assets

 Comprehensive technical support and after sales services