Rosemount 8700 Series Magnetic Flowmeter

Rosemount 8700 Series Magnetic Flowmeter
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Rosemount 8700 Series Magnetic Flowmeter

The Rosemount 8700 Series Magnetic Flowmeter is equipped with multiple diagnostic kits. Superior performance combined with advanced diagnostics provides unparalleled process management capabilities. With the optional Backlit Local Operator Interface (LOI), configuration changes and adjustments can be made even in hazardous locations without exposing the electronics to the environment.


Advanced diagnostics provide unprecedented information about process conditions and instrument performance.

The dual chamber housing is designed to meet the most stringent international standards and to ensure reliability in any environment.

The isolated local operator interface (LOI) makes field changes safe and simple.

Available in an integrated or split installation design.

Rosemount 8732 HART Transmitter

One-piece mounting design with backlit display and explosion-proof housing. Intrinsically safe output, device diagnostics, and built-in meter verification for improved reliability and performance.

Rosemount 8712 HART Transmitter

Equipped with device diagnostics for increased reliability and performance. Equipped with an easy-to-use, field-operated display panel for easy configuration.

Rosemount 8712H/8707 Large Signal System

Pulsed DC technology for demanding flow measurement applications.

Rosemount 8705 Flanged Flow Sensor 

All-welded flow sensor for superior protection (standard ISO layout length)

Rosemount 8711 Clamping Flow Sensor

An economical, compact, lightweight flow sensor with a supplied calibration ring that makes the flowmeter easy to install.

Rosemount 8721 Hygienic Flow Sensor

Designed for food, beverage and life science applications.

Rosemount 8742 Foundation Fieldbus Transmitter

One-piece installation design with device diagnostics.

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