Yokogawa AXF Magnetic Flowmeter Integral Flowmeter Remote Flowtube

Yokogawa AXF Magnetic Flowmeter Integral Flowmeter Remote Flowtube
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          Yokogawa AXF Magnetic Flowmeter  Integral Flowmeter Remote Flowtube


User-oriented FunctionalityFluid Adhesion Level Diagnosis :

By constantly monitoring the level of insulating substance on the electrodes, it is possible to 

determine when maintenance is required. With the utilization of an optional replaceable electrode,
the electrodes can be easily removed from the flowmeterand cleaned.

Flexible Electrical Connection Direction
The converter or the terminal box can be rotated
arbitrarily to change the directions of electrical
connection on the site.

Clear and Versatile Indications
The LCD indicator employs a large, backlit full dotmatrix, that can facilitate various displays.
One to three lines are available. When there is an alarm condition, a full description of the

 countermeasure is  indicated.

● Expansion of Product Lineup
Improved Accuracy Specification
The standard accuracy is 0.35% of reading. Also available is an optional high accuracy calibration 

rated at 0.2% of reading.



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