Yokogawa AXF Magnetic Flowmeter Integral Flowmeter Remote Flowtube

Yokogawa AXF Magnetic Flowmeter Integral Flowmeter Remote Flowtube
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Yokogawa AXF Magnetic Flowmeter  Integral Flowmeter Remote Flowtube


User-oriented FunctionalityFluid Adhesion Level Diagnosis :

By constantly monitoring the level of insulating
substance on the electrodes, it is possible to determine
when maintenance is required.
With the utilization of an optional replaceable electrode,
the electrodes can be easily removed from the flowmeter
and cleaned.

Flexible Electrical Connection Direction
The converter or the terminal box can be rotated
arbitrarily to change the directions of electrical
connection on the site.

Clear and Versatile Indications
The LCD indicator employs a large, backlit full dotmatrix, that can facilitate various displays.
One to three lines are available. When there is an alarm
condition, a full description of the countermeasure is

“Easy Setup” Parameters “”
The most frequently used parameters are arranged in a
group at the top.The infra-red switches enable the users to set
parameters without opening the cover.

● Expansion of Product Lineup
Improved Accuracy Specification
The standard accuracy is 0.35% of reading. Also
available is an optional high accuracy calibration rated at
0.2% of reading.


Specifications :


*1: Select two points from: one pulse output, one alarm
output, one status input, or two status outputs.
*2: For models without an indicator, the configuration tool
(Such as HHT (handheld terminal) or FieldMateTM
etc.) is necessary to set parameters.

Excitation Method:
• Standard dual frequency excitation:
Size 2.5 to 400 mm (0.1 to 16 in.)
• Enhanced dual frequency excitation:
Size 25 to 200 mm (1.0 to 8.0 in.)
(Optional code HF1 or HF2)

Input Signal (*1) “”:
One Status Input: Dry contact
Load Resistance: 200 Ω or less (ON), 100 kΩ or more

Output Signals “”:
• One Current Output: 4 to 20 mA DC (load resistance:
750Ω maximum, including cable resistance)
• One Pulse Output (*1):
Transistor contact output (open collector)
Contact capacity: 30 V DC (OFF), 200 mA (ON)
Output rate: 0.0001 to 10,000 pps (pulse/second)
• One Alarm Output (*1):
Transistor contact output (open collector)
Contact capacity: 30 V DC (OFF), 200 mA (ON)
• Two Status Outputs (*1):
Transistor contact output (open collector)
Contact capacity: 30 V DC (OFF), 200 mA (ON)
Communication Signals “”:
BRAIN or HART communication signal
(Superimposed on the 4 to 20 mA DC signal)
Distance from Power Line: 15 cm (6 in.) or more
(Parallel wiring should be avoided.)

Communication Distance:
Up to 1.5 km (0.93 miles), when polyethylene insulated
PVC-sheathed cables (CEV cables) are used.
Communication distance varies depending on the type
of cable and wiring used.

Load Resistance:
250 to 450Ω (including cable resistance)
Load Capacitance: 0.22 µF or less
Load Inductance: 3.3 mH or less
Input Impedance of Communicating Device:
10 kΩ or more (at 2.4 kHz)

Load Resistance:
250 to 600Ω (including cable resistance)
Note: HART is a registered trademark of the HART
Communication Foundation.
Data Security During Power Failure:
Data (parameters, totalizer value, etc.) storage by
EEPROM. No back-up battery required


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