Emerson Micro Motion Flow Meter R100 With 1700

Emerson Micro Motion Flow Meter R100 With 1700
Product Details

                                 Emerson micro motion flow meter R100 with 1700

Description :

Micro Motion mass flow meters are the leading precision flow and density measurement solutions for ELEP instruments 

for accurate and repeatable mass measurement of liquids, gases or slurries. ELITE meters provide accurate measurement

 of a wide range of process media with a low pressure drop. Excellent precision flow and density measurement

• Unique design provides unparalleled measurement sensitivity and stability
• Guarantee consistent, reliable performance over the widest flow range
• Provides superior accuracy and turndown ratio in gas flow measurement
• Smart meter self-checking for fast, complete meter diagnostics without interrupting the process
• 2-wire loop power supply solution for simplified installation (4" lines, smaller)
Deliver superior performance in the most challenging applications
• Established industry standards for closed transport and critical process control
• Optimal two-phase flow measurement capability for batch, shipping and gas applications
• Highly sensitive to fluids, processes or the environment, with high measurement reliability
• Designed for professional instruments for high temperature, high pressure and corrosive applications

• Uses a variety of structural materials, including super duplex stainless steel, ideal for chlorine corrosion

 and pressures up to ANSI CL900 (2320 psi)

Specifications :

Flowmeter brand


All model :

R025, R050, R100, R150, R200,R300 and R025, R050,R100,R150


Process temperature effect for all models

316L stainless steel and high pressure

Flowmeter output

4-20 mA with HART™

operating conditions

Water at 68 to 77 °F and 14.5 to 29 psig (20 to 25 °C and 1 to 2 barg)

Air and Natural Gas at 68 to 77°F and 500 - 1450 psig (20 to 25 °C and 34 to 100 barg)

Accuracy based on industry leading accredited calibration stands according to ISO 17025/IEC 17025

All models have a density range up to 5 g/cm3 (5000 kg/m3 )


Calibration optionl

0.5% mass flow and 0.01 g/cm3 (10 kg/m3 ) density calibration (±0.5% volume flow)

0.4% mass flow and 0.003 g/cm3 (3.0 kg/m3 ) density calibration (±0.5% volume flow)

0.5% mass flow calibration


 Products picture :

1700 withR100 flowmeter (3)

1700 withR100 flowmeter (5)

1700 withR100 flowmeter (7)

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