Rosemount CMF Mass Flowmeter

Rosemount CMF Mass Flowmeter
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Rosemount CMF Mass Flowmeter

The Rosemount CMF Mass Flowmeter is a mass flowmeter that uses the fluid mass flow to modulate the oscillation of the vibrating tube, that is, the Coriolis force phenomenon, and is used for mass flow measurement. It is generally composed of a sensor and a transmitter. It can be used to measure conventional liquids, multi-flow liquids, high viscosity liquids, solid-containing slurries, higher density gases, etc..


Excellent performance indicators: mass flow accuracy is ±0.05% of flow value, density accuracy is ±0.0002 g/cm3 (±0.2 kg/m3)

Mass flow and volume flow measurement for both gas and liquid

Size range 1/8′′ - 4′′ (3 mm - 100 mm)

Applicable to Micro Motion's latest transmitters 2400S

Aasy to install and easy to use

Measure flow in mass or volume for any application

The compact design is unaffected by the flow profile and can be easily installed in any position

Design with self-draining ensures process loops are easy to clean and maintain a wide range of application coverage

316L stainless steel for superior reliability in most media

Movable parts that are not worn or need to be replaced, minimizing maintenance and ensuring long-term reliability


Measuring principle

The structure of the mass flow meter adopts a double-bend structure, and the measuring principle is to measure the mass flow in the pipe by measuring the Coriolis force acting on the double bend pipes.

When two conditions are met:

(1) Double bends vibrate at a certain frequency

(2) When there is fluid flow in the pipe, a new force is generated - Coriolis force, which is an additional force generated by the vibration of the pipe and the fluid flow of the pipe. This force generates torque on the pipe. The bend is symmetrically twisted at its centerline. The electrical signal is detected by a displacement sensor on both sides of the elbow, and then the electrical signal is processed to directly obtain the mass flow.

Accuracy and repeatability on liquids and slurries


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