Rosemount CMF100 Mass Flowmeter

Rosemount CMF100 Mass Flowmeter
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Rosemount CMF100 Mass flowmeter

Rosemount CMF100 Mass Flowmeter can measure the mass flow of liquids and gases directly in almost all applications without special calibration. The versatile Coriolis mass flow meter provides reliable, accurate mass flow, volume flow, temperature, density and concentration values. It can measure liquid, gas, solid, and can measure the mass flow of two-phase flow and a certain proportion of three-phase flow, and can realize the display and signal remote transmission of main measurement parameters. The meter can also display the instantaneous flow rate of the fluid, the cumulative flow rate, the temperature, the density, the percentage of the two-component fluid, and the total quantitative control function.


●High precision flow measurement

●Unique design provides unparalleled measurement sensitivity and stability

●Blessed consistent, reliable performance over the widest flow range

● Only instrument verification, fast, comprehensive instrument diagnosis without process interruption

● Two-wire loop power supply option simplifies installation work

●Excellent performance in challenging applications

● Established industry standards for custody transfer and process control

●Two-phase flow measurement capability for batch, shipping and gas applications

●Improved by liquid, process or environment, with measurement reliability

It is mainly applicable to the following industries:

(1) oil industry, such as crude oil output measurement, water content, single well output measurement, 

crude oil transportation measurement

(2) chemical industry

(3) food industry

(4) drug manufacturing industry, such as liquid medicine production measurement

(5) measurement of paper industry, such as pulp

(6) textile printing and dyeing industry

(7) energy transfer measurement, such as liquefied gas measurement

(8) environmental protection industries, such as sewage treatment;Various slurry densities are measured during



Accuracy and repeatability on liquids and slurries


Accuracy and repeatability on gases :


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