475 Hart Communicator-Rosemount

475 Hart Communicator-Rosemount
Product Details

475 Hart Communicator-Rosemount

Main specification

Communication Protocol :HART

Battery Type

Rechargeable Li-ion Power Module

Power Supply/Charger

Power Supply/Charger Li-ion/NiMH US/UK/EU connection types included (Note 3


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Product Certifications

ATEX, FM, CSA and IECEx Intrinsically Safe(includes FISCO as applicable)

Easy Upgrade

Easy Upgrade Option (Note 5)

Included Options

Graphics (Included at no charge) (Note 6) Device Configuration Management (Included at no charge) (Note 7)


Bluetooth Communications (Note 8)


● Full-featured communication: communication supports flow meter, temperature meter, transmitter with HART protocol

● Large screen display: display interface is larger and clearer, with imported LCD screen

●Production testing, diagnosis and inspection of HART smart devices

●Configure, calibrate, diagnose, maintain, monitor, etc. HART smart devices in the field

● Obtain manufacturer information of on-site HART instruments

●Understand the working status and fault information of HART instruments

Main specification :

The technical specifications of the device are applicable to instruments: ROSEMOUNT1151, ROSEMOUNT3051 ABB Japan fujiyokogawa EJA (with HART communication protocol) and other imported pressure transmitter ds-1151, ds-3351hk1151, HK3151 and other domestic intelligent pressure transmitter

Basic description :

Rosemount 475 the com is in 375 the com with industry leading technology on the basis of the development of, at the same time also increased the innovative new features, including color screen, bluetooth communication and advanced diagnostic field, long time continuous use of lithium ion power supply module, comprehensive support FOUNDATION fieldbus and HART fieldbus devices

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