475 Field Communicator

475 Field Communicator
Product Details

475 Field Communicator-Emerson

Main specification :

Communication Protocol: HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus (Note 2)

Battery Type : Rechargeable Li-ion Power Module

Power Supply/Charger:

Power Supply/Charger Li-ion/NiMH US/UK/EUconnection types included (Note 3)

Not Included (Note 4)


English, German, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, French, Portuguese

Easy Upgrade : 

Easy Upgrade Option (Note 5)

Not Included


Bluetooth Communications (Note 8)

No Bluetooth Communication (Note 8)


Spare Battery

Spare Rechargeable Li-ion Power Module (Note 9)Enclosures

Protective Rubber Boot with Stand

Basic Information :

The 475 Field Communicator can be upgraded at any time by the user via the Internet, thus avoiding the time delay caused by being sent to the service center. The Communicator with a convenient upgrade option can download the latest device description files (DDs), new features, or directly get new license entitlement options. Keeping the 475 Field Communicator update is as simple as that.

The 475 Field Communicator is designed to simplify your work on site. Users can experience an intuitive color graphics interface when operating HART and FF fieldbus devices. Its touch screen is larger than a PDA or PDA, supports HART protocol versions 5, 6 and 7 (including WirelessHART) devices, and can be upgraded over the Internet.

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