HART Handheld Communicator

HART Handheld Communicator
Product Details

HART communicator conbines the traditional multi-function verification function with HART communication function, which can complete regular checks including voltage, current, thermocouple, heat resistance, frequency, resistance, pressure and directly communicate with all popular HART intelligent transmitter. As a multifunctional communicator, HART instrument is used for maintenance and diagnosis. Almost all field instrument maintenance and debugging work such as fault diagnosis, daily maintenance, commissioning, calibration, etc. can be finished by it.

This communicator is suitable for the communication operation of HART protocol intelligent transmitter, compatible with HART275, HART375 and HART475, it can communicate with the HART protocol imported instruments of 1151,3051, EJA,ABB and flow.

Before using it, please read this operation manual. In order to better display the performance of this product, please grasp the corresponding content in depth before using or repairing this product.

Hart Communicator feature :

1. Online monitoring and communication.

During communication, the modulation signal will not interrupt the 4-20ma DC signal.

2. The instrument can be Shared with HART communication protocol.

It can be used together with all the instruments that adopt HART communication protocol.

3. Convenient operation

The large display screen (4 lines, 18 characters per line) is displayed in Chinese. The user can see clearly, and the setting and change is convenient.

4. Information self-diagnosis/protection function.

Self-checking function

Format password protection.

Low voltage alarm display.

More 475H  and 475F customized are available.

Hart Communicator

Hart Communicator