Rosemount 475 Hart Communicator

Rosemount 475 Hart Communicator
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Rosemount 475 Hart Communicator

Feature :

Rosemount 475 Hart Communicator can be upgraded at any time by the user via the Internet, thus avoiding the time delay caused by being sent to the service center. With the convenience of the upgrade option, you can download new device description files (DDs), new features, or directly obtain new license authorization options. Keeping the 475 Field Communicator update is as simple as that.

Specification :

(1) Versatility: The Rosemount 475 Communicator supports all HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus devices. In addition, there is plenty of room for your future development.

(2) Safety: The Rosemount 475 Communicator is the only field operator that meets all intrinsic safety requirements. Including ATEX-compliant, CENELEC, FM, CSA and FISCO.

(3) Quick upgrade: : Users can download the latest version of HART and FOUNDATION fieldbus related content from the Internet to upgrade the Rosemount 475 Communicator.

(4) Robust and reliable: this is one reason to call him the ‘hand-operator’. Some work must also be performed on the device. The Rosemount 475 Communicator is designed for the harsh conditions of the factory.

(5) Connected to the AMS interface: The Rosemount 475 Communicator can be connected to the AMS Device Management software interface. The transfer of configuration data of HART instruments and valves between the device management software and the Communicator.

Technical parameters :

Microprocessor:80MHZ Hitachi Hitachi SH3

Interface: 3 4mm banana holes

Built-in Memory: 32M

Infrared data port: maximum rate of 115kbs / s, the maximum distance 30cm

System Card: 1GB or higher

Working environment:-10 to 50 degrees Celsius

Random Access Memory: 32M

Protection:IP51 (front)

Expansion Module:32M

Earthquake:1m floor to the concrete floor is no problem

Weight: about 0.9KG, including battery

Humidity: 0 ~ 95% (non-condensing)

Display: 1 / 4VGA (240 * 320 pixels); 8.9cm color touch screen, auto-dimming display

Storage: -20 to 55 degrees Celsius (with battery); -20 To 60 degrees C (without batteries)

Keyboard:25 keys, four operation keys 12 letter keys, four shoulder, four function keys and open the key

Battery:Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it can be used 20 hours, 100 ~ 240VAC charge

Charger: Mini DIN6 pin socket

Upgrade Requirements: winxp operating system drive can be connected to internet network


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