2088 pressure transmitter rosemount knowlege

2088 economical pressure transmitter feature :

This type transmitter uses imported high-quality diffusion silicon as a sensitive component, using a dedicated integrated module,

 precise temperature, zero point, full-range and nonlinear compensation to achieve accurate measurement and change of pressure 

changes of liquid, gas, vapor and other media. give away. It is the 2088 economical diffusion silicon pressure transmitter introduced 

by our factory.The diffusion silicon pressure transmitter has high reliability, long-term stability, convenient installation and use, small size,

 light weight and high performance-price ratio.

2088 diffusion silicon pressure transmitter application :

It can realize the ideal monitoring of pressure medium changes in various places by industrial and mining enterprises, research institutes

and other departments. Can be widely used in a variety of positive and negative pressure measurements. The imported diffused silicon core

is used as the pressure detecting component, and the sensor signal is converted into a 0-10 mA or 4-20 mA unified output signal by a high performance electronic amplifier. It can replace traditional remote pressure gauges, Hall components, differential transmitters, and DDZ-II 

and DDZ-III transmitter performance. It can be used with various types of moving coil indicator, digital pressure gauge, electronic potentiometer

 and can also be used with various automatic adjustment systems or computer systems.

Excellent performance, the leader in the industry:

1. Absolute pressure and gauge pressure measurement range -0.1 to 40MPa

2, 0.20% reference accuracy, including linearity, hysteresis and repeatability

3, zero and span adjustable

4, optional LCD head (scale adjustable)

5, small, lightweight, easy to install and transport

6, stable, reliable, easy to maintain

7, no installation location impact

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