248 temperature transmitter C 0-200 head mounted

248 transmitter description :

Rosemount 248 temperature transmitter with output Hart singal  apply to comprehensive temperature components for 

single point measurement .248 temperature transmitter is designed to meet the requirements of  single-point measurement

 applications.This transmitter using hart ® agreement and it can with various sensors (RTD and thermocouple) and thermal

 casing and you can order them together that  is very convenient.

The rosemount 248 is available as a head mounting, suitable for mounting in a variety of connectors and enclosures.

In addition, the track installation method is provided to meet the track and cabinet installation application.

Pc-programmable interface is provided to facilitate configuration from PC

Easy installation.

 After unpacking the case, temperature transmitter  can be installed into the process to save you a great deal of cost the unmatched 

temperature monitoring point performance industry standard din b size fits for reliable emc performance on any connection head, 

complies with namur ne 21 using open hart / 4-20 ma protocol for communication

Main specification :

Digital precision  : 0.20 ° c (0.36 ° f) or 0.1% of the range interval

the environment changes every 1.0 ° c (1.8 ° f), plus or minus 0.006 ° c

Stability of reading accuracy of 0.1%, or 0.1 ° c (0.18 ° f), 1 year

Enter 2, 3, and 4 wire RTD, thermocouple, millivolt, ohm

Output 2 lines, linear with temperature or 4-20 ma/hart signal input

Power supply voltage is 12-42.2 v

Power supply voltage 12-42.2 v under hart agreement

Foundation fieldbus protocol under 9-32v

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