Pressure transmitter principle and application

Strain gauge pressure transmitter principle and application

Such as resistance strain gauge pressure transmitter, semiconductor strain gauge pressure transmitter, 

piezoresistive pressure transmitter, inductive pressure transmitter, capacitive pressure transmitter, resonant

 pressure transmitter and capacitive acceleration sensor Wait. However, the application of Zui is a wide range

 of piezoresistive pressure transmitters, and there are many types of mechanical sensors. It has a very low 

price and high precision as well as good linearity. Below I mainly introduce such sensors.

First, I will understand the components of the resistance strain gauge. A strain gage is a sensitive device that

 converts the strain change on the device under test into an electrical signal. One of the main components of a

 piezoresistive strain transmitter. The resistance strain gauge is applied with two kinds of metal resistance strain

 gauges and semiconductor strain gauges. The metal resistance strain gauge has two kinds of filament strain 

gauges and metal foil strain gauges. Usually, the strain gauges are tightly bonded to the mechanically strained

 substrate by a special adhesive, and the pressure-reducing pressure transmitter is decompressed. When the

stress is changed by the force of the substrate, the strain gauges are also deformed together, so that the resistance

of the strain gauge is changed, so that the voltage applied to the resistor changes. The strain gauges typically have 

a small change in resistance when stressed. Typically, such strain gauges form a strain bridge and are amplified

 by a subsequent instrumentation amplifier and transmitted to the processing circuitry (usually A/D conversion). 

And the CPU display or actuator.

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