4-20 mA HART 2088 pressure transmitter Rosemount offers

Rosemount 2088 transmitter specifications :

Reference Accuracy:

• ±0.10% of calibrated span. Includes combined effects of linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability
• ±0.075% of calibrated span (high accuracy option)

±0.10% of URL for 12 months

Code S: 4–20 mA dc
Code N: 1-5 volt dc, low power
(Outputs are directly proportional to the input pressure)

Isolating Diaphragm:
316L stainless steel or Alloy C-276

2088 pressure transmitter Basic information :

Rosemount 2088 design guarantees that the transmitter can work safely even when the sensor diaphragm is damaged or broken.The electronic circuit side (room) has two levels of seal and process isolation, and the third stage seal is isolated from the terminal and conduit entrance.The design and position of the process seal make the transmitter shell withstand pressure and prevent the process impurity from entering through the conduit through the wire pipe.

2088 pressure transmitter

2088 pressure transmitter

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