4-20mA Differential pressure transmitter and feature

3051 smart differential pressure transmitter feature :

Differential pressure transmitter is applicable to the following measurement and control situations:

1.Viscous media with high temperature

2. crystalline medium of precipitating medium with solid particles or suspended matter

3. highly corrosive or highly toxic medium

It can eliminate the leakage and pollution of the surrounding environment.It can avoid the tedious work of replacing the isolation fluid frequently because of the instability of measuring signal.

Continuous accurate measurement of interface and density

The remote transmission device can avoid the intermixing of different instantaneous media, so that the measurement result can truly reflect the actual situation of process change.

Sanitary requirements are high on occasion

For example, in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, the contact part of the transmitter should not only meet the hygiene standards, but also be easy to wash Prevent cross contamination of different media

 smart differential pressure transmitter

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