475 Hart Field Communicator supplier

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:475   Rosemount / Emerson HART 475 Field Communicator

  • Certification:CE

  • Update Method:by Hard Disk

  • Condition:New

  • Standard:Standard

  • Microprocessor:80MHz Hitachi Sh3


       Microprocessor: 80MHZ Hitachi Hitachi SH3

       Interface:  3 4mm banana holes

       Built-in memory: 32M

       Infrared data port: the maximum rate of 115kbs / s, the maximum distance of 30cm

       System card: 1GB or higher

       Working environment: -10 ~ 50 degrees Celsius

       Random access memory: 32M

       Protection: IP51 (front)

       Expansion module: 32M

       Earthquake: 1m floor to the concrete floor is no problem

       Weight: about 0.9KG, with battery

       Humidity: 0 ~ 95% (no condensation)

       Display: 1 / 4VGA (240 * 320 pixels); color 8.9cm touch screen, automatic dimming display

       Storage: -20 ~ 55 degrees Celsius (with battery)

                   -20 to 60 degrees Celsius (without battery)

       Keyboard: 25 keys, 4 operating keys, 12 letter keys, 4 shoulders, 4 function keys and the key to open

       Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, can be used for 20 hours, 100 ~ 240VAC charging

       Charger: mini DIN6 core socket

       Upgrade requirements: winxp operating system optical drive to connect to the internet network

Product Description

1.1 The Rosemount / Emerson HART 475 Field Communicator is the new standard, is also the new generation communicator building on the 20 years application experience of  the  HART 275 Field Communicator and HART 375 Field Communicator as well as user' further need;
1.2 Following the successful application of Rosemount 375HART communicator,Emerson process management develop new Rosemount 475 onsite communicator. It not only support the HART protocol but also for onsite bus communication protocol. It's with features of commen use,reliable,portable and easy to update,which make it to be the new standard promptly.
1.3Currently,there are more than 200 equipment providers  with capacity to provide more than 600 HART and FF onsite bus communication protocol. Rosemount 475 Field communicator support the PlantWeb factory control technology of Emerson,and combined with 17 yeas onsite experience of configurating and maintaining on the instrument and valve for HART users. The strong branching diagnostic function of the onsite bus of Rosemount 475 communicator is obtained upon the comprehensive experience of thousands of onsite bus equipment all over the world.

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