About the mass flow meter you must know the working principle and classification

You must know the working principle and classification about mass flowmeter :

Usually , The Mass flow meters can be splited  into two types: one is direct type, that is direct output mass flow 

and the other mass flowmeter is indirect or deductive .that like applying ultrasonic flowmeter and density meter 

combination then outputting their output Multiply to get mass flow.

The mass flowmeter not only can directly measures the mass flow rate of the medium passing through the flow meter

but also can measures the density of the medium and indirectly measures the temperature of the medium. Due to  the

transmitter is a smart meter with a single chip as the core.and more than ten parameters can be derived for the

user according to the above three basic quantities. The mass flow meter has flexible configuration, powerful 

functions and high performance-price ratio. It is a new generation flow meter.

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