Chip type and control method of pressure transmitter

Chip type and control method of pressure transmitter :

When the pressure transmitter is manufactured, the material of the outer casing has a certain fracture property. 

The larger the index, the easier the cutting is to smash and rupture. Since the cutting conditions of the pressure transmitter 

are very different, the cutting process at the sensor joint is generated. There are many different shapes of chips. These different chips represent the tightness of the pressure transmitter. Below, we will analyze which chips will be produced. .

1. When the diaphragm of the pressure transmitter is crimped to the meter head, the uneven surface of the diaphragm 

needs to be cut, and at this time, the strip-shaped chip is generated, that is, the surface is smooth, but the inner surface

 is very hard, generally only needs to be This is the case when speed is increased during cutting and when larger tools are used.

2, nodules, the outer surface is generally jagged, mainly due to the particularity of the meter. Because the pressure transmitters have different head housings, the cutting tools used in manufacturing are also different. If the cutting speed

of the meter head is too low at this time, knotted chips will be generated.

Then how to control these chips in the production process, why the surface of the pressure transmitter's outer casing is smooth, there is no pit due to chipping, or because the technique of controlling cutting is good.

1. A good smooth cutting groove must be used in the cutting of the outer casing, so that the smooth radius groove can 

control the flow force well.

2, the corresponding different original shells use different angles.

3. If the outer casing material is not suitable for cutting, it needs to be replaced to avoid the pressure of the pressure transmitter casing being too large and affecting the quality.