Communicator emerson 475

We realized some questions from our regular buyers who have not know clearly about Communicator emerson 475 .Especially , Rosemount Hart 475 Battery and power supply/charger.

We will explain to everyone as below :

Battery and power supply/charger :

The 475 Field Communicator is powered by a Li-Ion battery that has a green, 6-pin connector.

The power supply/charger also has a green connector to match the appropriate connector on

the battery. See Figure 2-1 for the location of the connector. Prior to using the 475 Field Communicator 

without the power supply/charger connected, fully charge the battery

Checking the remaining charge:
To view the remaining charge, press the Charge Indicator button on the lower left side of the battery.

 See Figure 2-1 for the location of this button. When you press and release the button, the lights above the button slowly illuminate to display the charge remaining. Each light represents 20 percent of the charge. The battery is fully charged when all of the lights are illuminated.

You can also check the remaining charge from the Settings menu on the Field Communicator Main Menu. See “Power” on page 25 for more information.

Emerson 475.png

Figure 2-2. Charging the battery connected to the 475 Field Communicator

Rosemount 475.png

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