the development tendency of pressure transmitter

The development tendency of pressure transmitter :

Nowadays, the research field of pressure transmitter in various countries is very extensive and has penetrated into almost every industry. However, it can be summarized as follows:

1. Intelligence: due to the emergence of integration, a number of microprocessors can be added to the integrated circuit, enabling the transmitter to have functions such as automatic compensation, communication, self-diagnosis and logical judgment.

2. Integration: pressure transmitter has been increasingly integrated with other measurement transmitter to form the measurement and control system.Integrated systems can improve operation speed and efficiency in process control and factory automation.

3, miniaturization, market demand for small pressure transmitter is more and more big, the small transmitter can work in extreme conditions, and require little maintenance and maintenance, the impact on the surrounding environment are also small, can be placed in each important organs in the body's gathering  information, does not affect the normal life of people.

4. Standardization: the design and manufacture of transmitter have formed certain industry standards.

5. Extensive: another development trend of pressure transmitter is expanding from the mechanical industry to other fields, such as automotive components, medical instruments and energy and environment control systems.

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