differential pressure Transmitter 1151DP price

Rosemount 1151 main specifications :

Input Signal :4–20 mA dc

Meter Indication :

4-digit LCD showing –999 to 9999. A 20-segment bar graph directly represents the 4–20 mA current.

Temperature Limits

Storage: –40 to 185 °F (–40 to 85 °C).

Operating: –4 to 158 °F (–20 to 70 °C).

Between temperatures –40 to –4 °F (–40 to –20 °C), the loop is intact and the meter is not damaged.

Stability :

Over Time: 0.1% of calibrated range ±1 digit per 6 months.

Smart pressure transmitter 1151 models :

Model 1151DP— Differential Pressure Transmitter measures differential pressure from 6 inH2O to 1,000 psi (1.493 to 6895 kPa).

Model 1151HP— Differential Pressure Transmitter for High Line Pressures measures high line pressures from 25 inH2O to 300 psi (6.22 to 2668 kPa).

Model 1151GP— Gage Pressure Transmitter measures gage pressure from 6 inH2O to 6,000 psi (1.493 to 41369 kPa).

1151pressure transmitter图.jpeg

Rosemount 1151 (9).jpg

Dimensional Drawing

Rosemount  1151 transmitter.png

Rosemount 1151.png

Basic information :

1151 pressure transmitter can be of two kinds of measured medium pressure ventilation with high and low pressure chamber, role in the delta components (i.e., sensitive element) on either side of the segregation on the diaphragm, through the diaphragm and the delta components inside the filling liquid to pre tension measuring wax on both sides, measuring diaphragm and on both sides of the insulator on the electrodes of a capacitor

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