Differential pressure transmitter EJA 110A offers

The differential pressure transmitter is applicable to the following measures:

High temperature viscosity medium

An easily crystallized medium

Precipitation medium with solid particles or suspended matter

Strong corrosion or toxic media

It can eliminate the occurrence of environmental phenomena around the leakage of the ducts.

When the isolation fluid can be avoided, the measurement signal is unstable and the tedious work of the isolation fluid needs to be constantly replenished.

Continuous precision measurement interface and density

The remote transmission device can avoid the intermixing of different instantaneous media, so that the measurement results can truly reflect the actual situation of the process change.

A high level of hygiene

In the production of food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry, it is not only necessary to meet hygienic standards in the contact medium of the transmitter, but also to facilitate flushing

Prevent cross contamination of different media.

EJA110 differential pressure transmitter

EJA110 differential pressure transmitter

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