Emerson 1700 single variable flow transmitter price

Specifications :


Emerson 1700 :

 Micro Motion Coriolis mvd Model 1700 single variable flow transmitter

Mounting :

 4- wire remote mount transmitter  / Integral mount transmitter  ...

Power : 

18 to 100VDC or 85 to 265 VAC self switching


Output :

Analog outputs: one mA; one frequency; RS-485; not available with display code 8

Intrinsically safe analog outputs: one mA, one frequency; not available with approval code T, S, or J



Basic information:

The series 1000 and 2000 transmitters allow for the precise fit and integration for your Micro Motion Coriolis Flow and Density meters. Powerful adaptability to your installation needs combined with ultimate flexibility in output connections provides the proper fit for your application.


Emerson flow meter .jpg


Model 1700/2700 4-wire remote-mount transmitter with display – painted aluminum housing

1700 flow transmitter.png

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