Emerson 475 Field Communicator China suppliers

Emerson 475 feature :

The touch screen USES transmission and reflection technology, enabling you to read information clearly both in sunlight and normal light.The introduction of multilevel backlight control ensures that the screen can be read in different lighting conditions, even in the dimly lit areas of the factory.

Touch sensitive screens and large operating buttons make use faster and more convenient, both in the instrument room and in the field.

The color graphics feature is standard for each 475 field communicator.With the powerful EDDL technique, data is read graphically from the field device.Charts, graphs, dashboards, and product images are just a few of the ways in which the important device information contained in these graphics can be read by the color LCD display of the 475 field communicator.

The weight distribution of 475 Hart communicator is uniform, suitable for single hand operation.475 is based on the reliable Windows CE real-time operating system.475 field communicator is equipped with sufficient memory to facilitate future expansion.Includes 32MB of application memory and 1GB of system card.


End User can Upgrade :

The 475 field communicator can be upgraded at any time through the Internet, thus avoiding the delay caused by the delivery to the center of the service.Handheld operators with convenient upgrade options can download the latest device description files (DDs), new features, or get new licensing options directly

.Keeping 475 field communicator updated is as simple as that.

The instrument supplier continuously launches new HART and FF fieldbus equipment, and makes continuous functional upgrades to existing equipment. It is a challenging task to keep the equipment description (DDs) updated.Now with the convenience upgrade feature, when the new HART and Ff fieldbus device description file (DDs) is released, you can upgrade the 475 fieldbus by simply downloading from the Internet.


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