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The Emerson micro motion mass flowmeter directly measures the mass flow of the medium through the flow meter, and also measures the density of the medium and the temperature of the indirect measurement medium.Because the transmitter is a single chip microcomputer as the core of the smart meter, so can be based on the above three basic quantities and export a dozen parameters for users to use.The quality flowmeter is flexible, powerful, high performance, and is a new generation of flow meters.

 Emerson micro motion mass flowmeter

 Emerson micro motion 1700 transmitter

Mass flow measurement

The measuring tubes are forced to oscillate producing a sine wave. At zero flow, the two tubes vibrate in phase with each other.When flow is introduced, the Coriolis forces cause the tubes to twist resulting in a phase shift. The time difference between the waves is measured and is directly proportional to the mass flow rate.