EJA210A Flange mounted differential pressure transmitter

The EJA210A flange-mounted differential pressure transmitter measures the pressure of a liquid, gas or vapor

and converts it into a 4 to 20 mADC current signal output. The EJA210A single-flange differential pressure transmitter 

can also communicate with the HART275 Communicator for setting, monitoring, etc. EJA210A single flange differential

pressure transmitter uses advanced micro processing technology and digital communication technology. In addition to

all the functions of the conventional intelligent, it also has a series of enhanced functions, such as zero point automatic 

adjustment, remote local control parameter viewing and adjustment control parameter password lock. At the same time,

remote parameter setting, remote control, self-diagnosis and other functions are performed through the fieldbus HART protocol.

Single flange differential pressure transmitter function

Output: 2-wire system, 4~20mA DC output, digital communication, programmable linear or square root output mode,

HART protocol is loaded on 4~20mA DC signal.

Transmitter power supply voltage: working status: 10.5 ~ 42V DC

                Digital communication: 16.4~42V DC

                Intrinsically safe type: 16.4~30V DC

220A single flange differential pressure transmitter load: (when the output signal code is D and E): 

working state: 0 ~ 1335Ω digital communication: 250 ~ 600Ω

HART communication distance: The communication distance can be up to 2Km when using multi-core twisted pair. 

The pressure transmitter communication distance varies depending on the type of cable. The formula is as follows:


L = length (m and ft)

R = impedance (Ω, including power supply impedance)

C=cable capacitance (pF/m or pF/ft)

C1=maximum shunt capacitance (pF/m or pF/ft)

The damping time constant of a flange-mounted differential pressure transmitter: the sum of the damping time constants 

of the amplifier components and the bellows. The constant is adjustable from 0.2 to 64 seconds.

Ambient temperature: -40 to 85 ° C (-40 to 185 ° F) -30 to 80 ° C (-22 to 176 ° F) [with LCD meter]

Wet temperature: -40 ~ 120 ° C (-40 ~ 248? F)

Reference accuracy of the range: (including linearity, hysteresis and repeatability from zero): ±0.1%

Stability: ±0.1% upper range limit / 12 months

 single flange differential pressure transmitter

 single flange differential pressure transmitter

 single flange differential pressure transmitter

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