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How to connecte Hart Communicator with presure instrument ?

illustrates one method of connecting the 475 Hart Communicator to a fieldbus segment. The 475 Field Communicator can be connected at any convenient place along the bus (segment). In the field, this is typically done at the device or at the fieldbus junction box



Basic information :

Currently more than 200 equipment suppliers to provide more than 600 kinds of HART and FF fieldbus devices agreement, hrosemount 475 and operator support Emerson's PlantWeb plant control network technology, and combined with 17 years as a HART, provide the instrument and valve to meet the need of the configuration and maintenance on-site experience. The rossonmont 475 operator's powerful fieldbus branch diagnostics is based on the extensive experience of thousands of fieldbus devices around the world.

Emerson Hart 475 :

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