how to recogniz the common faults of temperature transmitter

How to recogniz the common faults of temperature transmitter ?

The technology of temperature transmitter is very mature, and the temperature transmitter is very common in various  factories . The temperature transmitter is often used with some instruments .

Usually ,our sale Rosemount 3144 temperature transmitter can maintain more than 5 year no any problem. But, maybe some other transmitter will have common failures and as below :

First, the medium to be measured at higher or lower temperature transmitter output does not change, this kind of situation is mostly temperature transmitter sealing problems, may be due to the temperature transmitter is not sealed or at the time of welding sensors not carefully weld a small hole, this kind of situation usually need to replace the transmitter shell to solve it.

Second, the output signal is not stable, the cause of the reason is that temperature source ability, temperature source skill is an unstable temperature, if the meter is not stable, that is the reason why the anti-interference ability of the instrument is not strong.

Third, the transmitter output error is big, because this kind of circumstance is more, the temperature transducer of resistance wire may be choose wrong lead to range error, also have the factory can be transmitter without calibration.

3144p transmitter Dimensional drawings :


3144p transmitter

3144p transmitter

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