How to resolve common faults of temperature transmitter ?

Some user who will meet below common faults during using temperature transmitter as below :

1. Errors occur due to leakage or blockage of the three valve sets of the temperature transmitter.

2. The zero position of the temperature transmitter is high (or low), causing the static and differential pressure value to be large (or small), making the calculated gas volume larger (or smaller) than the actual gas volume.

3. Incorrect selection of accuracy grade and range of temperature transmitter, or failure to select the type according to GB/ t18603-2001 technical requirements of natural gas metering system, resulting in additional measurement errors

How to resolve these faults of temperature transmitter ?

1. Regularly inspect the temperature transmitter for leakage inspection.

2. Carry out return zero check on the temperature transmitter regularly. If there is any abnormality or deviation, timely calibration shall be carried out and verification shall be carried out when due.

3. Select and install the type in strict accordance with GB/ t18603-2001 technical requirements for natural gas metering system.

4, winter temperatures, especially in the oil field associated gas water content increasing, prone to frozen wall, blowdown frequency may be increased, for temperature transmitter with heat preservation equipment (e.g., incubator and tracing band).

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