Intelligent differential pressure transmitter

Description :

The intelligent differential pressure transmitter transmits two kinds of pressures into the high and low pressure chambers, 

acting on the isolating diaphragms on both sides of the delta component (ie, the sensitive component), through the spacer 

and the filling liquid in the component. Transfer to both sides of the measuring diaphragm. The measuring diaphragm and

 the electrodes on the insulating sheets on both sides each constitute a capacitor. When the pressures on both sides are

 inconsistent, the measurement diaphragm is displaced, and the displacement is proportional to the pressure difference, 

so the capacitance on both sides is not equal, and is converted into a signal proportional to the pressure through the oscillation

 and demodulation links.

Use range:

The intelligent differential pressure transmitter is used to measure the liquid level, flow and pressure of liquid, gas or steam 

under high working pressure, and then converted into 4~20mA DC signal output. The intelligent type can communicate with the

 HART Communicator to set, monitor or form a field monitoring system with the host computer.

Unique advantages:
1, super measurement performance, used for pressure, differential pressure, liquid level, flow measurement;
2, the numerical accuracy: + (-) 0.05%;
3. Stability: 0.25% 60 months;
4, the range ratio: 100:1;
5. Measurement rate: 0.2S;
6, miniaturized (2.4kg) all stainless steel flange, easy to install;
7. Process connection is compatible with other products to achieve measurement;
8. The sensor (technology) with H alloy sheath achieves excellent cold and heat stability;
9. A differential pressure transmitter using a 16-bit computer;

10. Standard 4-20mA with digital signal based on HART protocol, remote control supports upgrade to fieldbus and field 

control based technology.

Attention of when you ordering :

1. The transmitter model can be determined according to the selection specification table.
2. The numbers and symbols in the selection specification table must be clearly and accurately filled out.
3. If there is positive or negative migration, the migration amount value must be indicated.

4. If the differential pressure transmitter needs to be equipped with a three-valve group and a throttling device,

  it needs to be separately indicated.

5. The transmitter is calibrated according to the range specified by the user. If the user does not specify, the transmitter is

 tuned to a large range of Max, this calibration will be carried out at room temperature and atmospheric pressure.

6. When the station number needs to be marked, it should be indicated when ordering.

3051TG  1199  (1)

3051TG  1199  (2)

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