level pressure transmitter 3051CD Emerson

Pressure transmitter installation

Please read the product sample and operation manual carefully before installing and using the 3051 pressure transmitter

The pressure interface shall not be leaked during installation to ensure correct measuring range and wiring.

Pressure sensor and transmitter enclosure shall be grounded, signal cable shall not be mixed with power cable, and

strong electromagnetic interference shall be avoided around sensor and transmitter.

Drawing of 3051 transmitter

Technical performance:

 object of use: liquid, gas or steam

 measurement range: see the type selection specification table

output signal: 4 ~ 20 mavdc.superimposed HART protocol digital signal

power supply: external power supply 24VDC. (power range: 12V ~ 45V)

transmitter  (1).jpg

transmitter  (3).jpg

transmitter  (6).jpg

transmitter  (4).jpg

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