Maintenance and overhaul of Magnetic flowmeter

Maintenance and overhaul of Magnetic flowmeter :

(1) Always observe the sensor power cable and transmission cable (or wire) for damage and aging, and 

protect the rubber sheath outside the cable.

(2) Periodically (usually half a year) scrub the electrode surface with a soft cloth to remove dirt or deposits.

(3) Remove debris from the straight pipe section upstream of the sensor.

General faults of electromagnetic flowmeters and their exclusion:

(1) The liquid does not flow and has an output: 1. The signal transmission cable is disconnected from the converter;

 2. The signal cable is disconnected from the electrode; 3. The surface of the electrode is contaminated or deposited

 with an insulating layer; 4. The grounding is poor or the circuit is broken.

Solution: 1. Connect the cable; 2. Open the sensor, reconnect it; 3. Scrub the electrode surface; 4. Connect the ground


(2) No flow of liquid flow: 1. The two wires of the signal transmission cable between the converter and the converter are reversed; 2. The power supply is not connected or the contact is poor; 3. The sensor has leaks in the pipe, the outer 

casing and the end face.

Solution: 1. Rewind the head; 2. Connect the power supply and keep in good contact; 3. Repair the sensor.

(3) The output is unstable: 1. The flow field is unstable; 2. The liquid passing through the sensor contains gas,

 large solid block; 3. The electrical connection is virtual; 4. The grounding is poor; 5. The electrode is leaking.

Solution: 1. Renovate the pipeline, or increase the installation of false sensors; 2. Normal phenomenon; 3. Check 

the wiring, connect the line; 4. Connect the ground wire; 5. Repair the sensor.

(4) The error is too large: 1. The zero point is too high; 2. The liquid is not completely filled; 3. The power supply is

 distorted too much; 4. The grounding is poor.

Solution: 1. Re-adjust the zero point; 2. Improve the pipeline condition, the sensor is always full of liquid; 3. Improve 

the power supply condition and meet the normal working conditions; 4. Connect the ground wire.


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