Mass flow meter failure analysis


Feature :

The mass flow meter is a relatively accurate, fast, reliable, stable and flexible flow measuring instrument,

which has been widely used in petroleum processing, chemical industry and other fields. The mass flow 

meter directly measures the mass flow rate of the medium passing through the flow meter, and also measures

the density of the medium and indirectly measures the temperature of the medium. The mass flow meter cannot

control the flow rate. It can only detect the mass flow of liquid or gas, and output the flow value by analog voltage

current or serial communication. Mass flow meter configuration is flexible, powerful, high performance and price 

ratio, is a new generation of flow meter .

 Analysis result :



solve ways

Instantaneous flow constant maximum

1. The cable is disconnected or the sensor is damaged.

2. The fuse inside the transmitter burned out.

3. The sensor measuring tube is clogged, the sensor flow direction is opposite to the direction indicated by the outer casing, and the signal line is reversed.

1. The cable is disconnected or the sensor is damaged.

2. The fuse in the transmitter burns out.

3. The sensor measuring tube is clogged, change the installation direction, and change the signal line wiring.

When the flow rate increases, the flow meter indicates a negative increase. When the fluid flows, the flow rate shows positive and negative bounce, the bounce range is large and sometimes the negative maximum is maintained.

1. The grounding of the AC/DC shielded cable is greater than 4Ω.

2. Pipe vibration.

3. The fluid has a gas-liquid two-phase component.

4. There is strong magnetic field or radio frequency interference around the transmitter.

1. Re-ground.

2. Change the connection pipe to the flow meter to a metal hose connection.

3. Open the pipe above the flowmeter and install a valve to discharge the gas phase components.

4. Change the environment around the transmitter.

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