Mass flow meter working principle

The mass flow meter uses a thermal measurement to measure the flow rate by the molecular mass of the separated molecules. 

Because it is measured by the sensible heat, it does not affect the measurement result due to changes in gas temperature and pressure. 

The mass flow meter is a relatively accurate, fast, reliable, stable and flexible flow measuring instrument. It will be more widely used in 

petroleum processing, chemical industry, etc. It is believed that it will show great potential in promoting flow measurement. The mass flow

 meter cannot control the flow rate. It can only detect the mass flow of liquid or gas, and output the flow value by analog voltage, current 

or serial communication. However, the mass flow controller is a meter that can detect both at the same time and can be controlled. In

addition to the measuring section, the mass flow controller itself has an electromagnetic regulating valve or a piezo valve, so that the mass

 flow control itself constitutes a closed loop system for controlling the mass flow of the fluid. The set value of the mass flow controller can 

be provided by analog voltage, analog current, or computer or PLC.

mass flow meterand also measures the density of the medium and indirectly measures the temperature of the medium. 

Since the transmitter is a smart meter with a single chip as the core, more than ten parameters can be derived for the user 

according to the above three basic quantities. The mass flow meter has flexible configuration, powerful functions and high 

performance-price ratio. It is a new generation flow meter.

A flow measurement instrument that measures mass flow in a pipe. Under the condition that the measured fluid is in a large change 

of parameters such as pressure and temperature, if only the volume flow rate is measured, a large measurement error will be caused

 by the change of the fluid density. In volumetric and differential pressure flow meters, the density of the fluid being measured may vary 

by 30%, which can result in a 30-40% error in flow. As the level of automation increases, many production processes place new demands

 on flow measurement. The chemical reaction process is controlled by the quality of the feedstock, not the volume. The heating and cooling 

effects of steam and air flow are also proportional to the mass flow rate.

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