Micro Motion Corioli Elite-Series Sensor Emerson

Performance specification :

Mass flow accuracy :±0.35% of rate

Mass flow repeatability        :±0.20% of rate

Temperature accuracy           :±1 °C ±0.5% of reading

Temperature repeatability      :±0.2 °C

Micro Motion flowmeterBasic information :

Emerson Mass flow meter based on coriolis force, inside the ensor has two parallel flow tube, coil, equipped with central China at both ends is equipped with detecting coil, transmitter to provide excitation voltage to the drive coil, reciprocating vibration tube for weeks

Period of vibration, the vibration of the industrial process of fluid flowing through the sensor, will be produced in the vibration tube coriolis force effect, make the two vibration control torsional vibration, installed in a vibration at the ends of the pipe line will produce phase difference of two sets of signals, the two signal phase difference  and the relationship is proportional to the mass 

Emerson Mass flow meter

Emerson Mass flow meter

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