mounting requirements for various parts of the flow meter

Flowmeters are Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, light textile, papermaking, environmental

 protection,food and other industrial sectors and municipal management, water conservancy construction,

 river dredging and other fields. Since the flow meter is a very precise device,and  especially the inside of

 the device, there will be very precise components. When installing and using it, you must be careful and

 operate in accordance with the requirements of the specification.

Requirements for the bypass pipe:


Usually ,Workers offen overhaul the them during the produce the flowmeter .In order to continue normal  production

 during the repair and it is required to install cut-off valves or shut-off valves on the front and rear pipelines of the 

flowmeter, and also set bypass pipelines. And it is required that the flow control valve must be installed downstream

 of the flow meter, so that it will not affect the measurement of the flow meter during the switching control process, 

and all stop valves should be opened when using the meter to avoid flow instability. The phenomenon.

Requirements for straight pipe sections:

the flowmeter should be installed in a horizontal direction and the axis of the flowmeter itself must be parallel and 

consistent with the flow direction during installation. It is also required that the length of the pipeline upstream of the

pipeline where the equipment is installed must be within the specified range, and the installation site must take into 

account the size of the upstream and downstream pipelines.

Requirements for installation welding:

In some conditions, welding is required when installing the flowmeter. At this time, welding with a flowmeter is not

allowed. This work should be completed before installation. And the manufacturers of measuring gas flowmeters

remind you to clean up some debris left over during welding before installing, and to clean the housework with 

equal-diameter pipes instead of flowmeters to purge the pipes to ensure The instrument is not used during the

process and is therefore damaged.


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