Pressure switches for gas and air -UE offers

pressure switch regulation should to know when you useing the goods .

1. Necessity of explosion-proof: explosion-proof pressure switch forms are divided into flameproof pressure switch type and ben-type,  and most of the field products are flameproof types.

2. If instructions are required: according to the instructions of the customer.Number of contacts: one contact (one output)  or two contacts (two outputs).

4. Determination of the set value and pressure range: the recommended setting range is between 30% and 65% of the range of pressure, which can be set to between 15% and 90% of the range of pressure.

5. The form of the differential equation: adjustable or fixed.

6. Pulsating: if the pressure is pulsating or vibrating, the throttle valve is needed to inhibit the damage of the pulsating pressure to the instrument.

7. The diaphragm should be used when determining corrosive, high viscosity or high temperature.

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