Pressure transmitter (sensor) working principle and characteristics

The piezoresistive type transmitteradopts a piezoresistive sensitive core body, which is small in

size, high in sensitivity and good in stability, and its characteristics are mainly embodied in its sensitive

core body. As the name suggests, the principle of a piezoresistive transmitter is that the sensitive core 

is subjected to a change in resistance after being pressed, and then the change in resistance is converted

 into a standard signal output by an amplifying circuit.

At present, there are three types of piezoresistive cores:

1.Strain principle:

Structure: Combine the varistor in the form of a Wheatstone bridge with strained material (usually stainless steel)

 Features: Overload capability, high impact pressure resistance, low sensitivity, suitable for measuring high range

                  range above 500kpa, Zui high up to 500Mpa

High strength, vibration resistance, not easy to damage

Small temperature drift

High range (above 1Mpa) is very linear and high precision

Hard diaphragm structure suitable for measuring various media compatible with strained materials

2.Ceramic piezoresistive principle :

Structure: The varistor is sintered together with the ceramic in the form of a Wheatstone bridge

Features: The overload capacity is lower than the strain principle, and the impact pressure is poor.

High sensitivity, suitable for measuring high range of 50kpa or above, Zui high range 40Mpa

Corrosion resistant, wide temperature range

3.Principle of diffused silicon silicon :

Structure: Injecting particles on a silicon wafer to form a varistor in the form of a Wheatstone bridge

Features: high sensitivity, high precision, suitable for measuring the range of 1kpa ~ 40Mpa, strong

overpressure ability, good impact pressure Large temperature drift

It is divided into two types: isolated diaphragm pressure transmitter and non-isolated diaphragm

pressure transmitter.The non-isolated diaphragm can only measure the clean gas. The isolating

diaphragm is a soft diaphragm, which is not suitable for measuring viscous media.

pressure transmitter

Rosemount pressure transmitter

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