Pressure transmitter use precautions

The performance of the pressure transmitter is relatively stable, but it can not avoid the occurrence of malfunctions.
 In order to avoid these problems, the pressure transmitter should be used as much as possible when operating

 the pressure transmitter. Below, Floro will introduce you to the precautions for the use of 

pressure transmitters :

1. When the pressure on both sides of the transmitter is inconsistent, the working principle of the pressure transmitter 

and the absolute pressure transmitter is the same as that of the differential pressure transmitter. The difference is that 

the pressure in the low pressure chamber is atmospheric pressure or vacuum.

2. Due to the small measuring range of the differential pressure transmitter, the self-weight of the sensing element in

 the transmitter will affect the output of the differential pressure transmitter, so the zero position appearing in the 

differential pressure transmitter is installed. The change is normal. The pressure sensitive component of the transmitter 

should be axially perpendicular to the direction of gravity during installation. If the installation conditions are limited,

 the transmitter zero position should be adjusted to the standard value after installation.

3. When we know that no matter what type of differential pressure transmitter, its positive and negative pressure chambers

 have exhaust, drain valve or cock; this is convenient for our on-site calibration of differential pressure transmitter, that is to

 say The differential pressure transmitter can be calibrated without removing the pressure guiding tube. For this purpose, 

a joint with the same thread as the exhaust, drain valve or cock is produced.

4. The measured medium is not allowed to freeze. Otherwise, the sensor element isolation diaphragm will be damaged, 

resulting in damage to the transmitter. If necessary, the transmitter should be temperature-protected to prevent freezing.

5. When measuring steam or other high temperature media, use a heat pipe to connect the transmitter to the pipe and use

 the pressure on the pipe to transfer it to the transformer. When the measured medium is water vapor, an appropriate amount

 of water should be injected into the heat pipe to prevent the superheated steam from directly contacting the transmitter 

and damaging the sensor;

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