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Pressure transmitter -EJA130AType main technical specifications :

Stability :
0.1 % of URL per 60 months

Output :
Two wire 4 to 20 mA DC output with digital communications, linear or square root programmable. BRAIN or HART FSK protocol are superimposed on the 4 to 20 mA signal.

Supply Voltage :
10.5 to 42 V DC for general use and flameproof type
10.5 to 32 V DC for lightning protector (Optional code /A)
10.5 to 30 V DC for intrinsically safe, Type n,nonincendive, or non-sparking type
Minimum voltage limited at 16.4 V DC for digital communications, BRAIN and HART

Smart pressure transmitter 's knowledge :

Eja pressure transmitter is belong to pressure sensor of pressure instruments measurement . It be used to measure liquid, gas and steam flow and this pressure transmitter same other pressure senser and it will convert pressure to electrical signals when it working . Pressure sensor are widely used in many oil and control applications .

Eja pressure transmitter

Eja pressure transmitter

Eja pressure transmitter

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