Resistance temperature detector-Rosemount suppliers and Manufacture

0065 Resistance temperature detector main specifications :

Series 0065 Platinum RTD:

100 RTD at 0 °C, a = 0.00385  x °C/.

Temperature Range:
–50 to 450 °C or –196 to 600 °C

Sheath Material:
316 SST / 321 SST with mineral-insulated cable construction




Series 0065 RTD and Series 185 Thermocouple Dimensional Drawings:


Rosemount 0065 PT100 temperature sensor for easy installation and replacement and integrated temperature assembly with 3144P,644, or 248 available .0065 temperature sensor can with Tubular Thermowell .you also can buy only sensor with out thermowell . if you have More sensor customize welcome contact  24h/7days service