Rosemount 0065 temperature sensor manufacturers exporters

Rosemount 0065 Tecnical specification :

Series 65 Platinum RTD

100 RTD at 0 °C, = 0.00385  x °C/

Temperature Range:

–50 to 450 °C or –196 to 600 °C depending on type

Insulation Resistance:

1,000 M minimum insulation resistance when measured at 500Vdc and at room temperature

Sheath Material:

316 SST / 321 SST with mineral-insulated cable construction

0065 temperature sensor

0065 temperature sensor

0065 temperature sensor

0065 temperature sensor basic information :

Series 0065 RTD sensors can be ordered with the Calibration Option codes V10 or V11, where the values of all four sensor-specific constants are supplied with each sensor. To utilize the unique, built-in sensor-matching capability of the Rosemount644, and 3144P transmitters, the Callendar-van Dusen constants can be programmed into the transmitter at the factory or in the field using a Field Communicator

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