Rosemount 1151DP transmitter

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Specification :

1151 pressure transmitter of two measured media pressure leads to high and two low-pressure chamber acting on the δ element (sensor) of both sides of the diaphragm through the diaphragm and filling liquid mass within the element δ to pre-tensioned membrane electrode and insulator on both sides of the measuring sides wax sheet, measuring the components of a capacitor is measured in the absence of pressure through the pressure equalization diaphragm or two in the middle position, the two sides of the capacitance of the capacitor equal pressure on both sides when inconsistent, resulting in a displacement measuring diaphragm, which is proportional to the amount of displacement and the pressure difference, so both sides of the capacitors will not wait, by detecting amplified and converted into a two-wire current signal 4-2OmA


Wetted Materials
Isolating Diaphragms
316L SST, Alloy C-276, or Tantalum. See ordering table for
availability per model type.
Drain/Vent Valves
316 SST or Alloy C-276, see ordering table for availability per
model type.
Process Flanges and Adapters
Plated carbon steel, 316 SST or CW-12MW (Cast version
Alloy C-276, material per ASTM-A494), see ordering table for
availability per model type.
Wetted O-rings


Process Connections:

Rosemount 1151DP, HP, GP, AP

/4–18 NPT on 2.125-in. (54-mm) centers on flanges for
Ranges 3, 4, and 5.
/4–18 NPT on 2.188-in. (56-mm) centers on flanges for
Ranges 6 and 7.
/4–18 NPT on 2.250-in. (57-mm) centers on flanges for
Range 8.
/2–14 NPT on adapters.
For Ranges 3, 4, and 5, flange adapters can be rotated to give
centers of 2.0 in. (51 mm), 2.125 in. (54 mm), or 2.250 in. (57