Rosemount 3051S transmitter

Rosemount 3051S transmitter

3051STA   3051STG


Feature :

Rosemount 3051S Scalable In-line Pressure transmitters are the industry leader for Gage and Absolute pressure measurement. The in-line, compact design allows the transmitter to be connected directly to a process for quick, easy and cost effective installation. Capabilities include:

• Ultra and Classic Performance
• HART/4-20 mA, Wireless, FOUNDATION fieldbus protocols


Advantage :

0.04% of the accuracy and the stability of 10 years makes almost no maintenance 

Installed directly eliminates need frequent repairs pressure tube

Remote diagnosis can reduce the time of the troubleshooting and remove the unnecessary errands to the scene

The superior parking structure rigidity reduces the process time and replacement parts

The installation of the outstanding performance of improved process control